Out now and completing the swirl story up to 1973 and includes two versions of Dr Z – yep, two versions! Also two versions of Linda Hoyle, plus all full details of all known pressings and versions to date…

swirl vol2

swirl vol 2 Dr z


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charisma cover V2 Vertigo Swirl Part 1 cover Sabbath-PDF-cover Led Zep cover ebook 19-8-15 Purple-cover

I’ve launched a stand alone site for the Rare Record Collector books and e-books. Check out the site and you can see more detail on each book’s contents with some examples of the inside spreads.

Check out the site here:

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rarerecord books 2 rarerecord books 3

The Charisma Pink Scroll book has now been completely revised and updated with lots more information and additional versions included. Thanks to all you eagle-eyed collectors out there who spotted new versions and updates. As with all Rare Record Collector books, they are as complete and comprehensive as they can be at the time of going to press, but with all things collectable, occasionally new versions can be unearthed and discovered as time progresses.

charisma cover V2

This new version clearly illustrates the differences in the four variations of The Nice “Five Bridges” LP, all on pink scroll labels, two versions of VdGG’s “The Least We Can Do…”, two versions of Gordon Turner’s “Meditation” and two versions of Rare Bird’s “As Your Mind Flies By”, amongst many other changes and additions.

Charisma V2 spread

The book is available here. And can be purchased in hard copy and PDF formats.

Vertigo Swirl Part 1 cover Sabbath-PDF-cover Led Zep cover ebook 19-8-15 Purple-cover charisma cover

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A faithful reproduction of an original mono press advertisement that appeared in the music press (NME, Melody Maker, in November 1974) here’s your chance to get a full colour poster version of the original ad…

NME-23-11-74-Stormbringer stormbringer-poster-small

Here’s a few more rarities for sale:


budgie never turn back


A couple of new additions on eBay, Budgie’s debut and Comus LP starting at only £9.99…



The newly discovered version of Warhorse 6360 015 has now been added to the book, so any new orders will feature this addition. Any existing orders can request a copy of the amended pages by contacting me through the site. Thanks to everyone for buying the books, hope you find them useful.

Vertigo Swirl Part 1 cover

Vertigo Swirl Part 1 coverWouldn’t you just know it! You think you’ve found and identified all swirl label variations and a new version pops up, just after you’ve gone and completed your book on the subject! So, if anyone has recently purchased a copy of Vertigo Swirl UK Discography Vol. 1, please get in touch and I’ll send you a hi-res PDF of the amended page (include your email address so I can send it to you).

The new label in question is a second issue Warhorse, 6360 015, which is on the small swirl label and also includes publishing credits, unlike the large swirl first issue. Click the label below to compare the two versions.