Black Sabbath

all of these high quality book are also available as PDFs, for the excellent value price of just £8.99, if you don’t fancy forking out for the full colour printed ones…you get the same high quality design and visual information as the printed versions…

swirl vol2 charisma cover V2 Vertigo Swirl Part 1 cover Sabbath-PDF-cover Led Zep cover ebook 19-8-15 Purple-cover

and keep an eye out for a new DEEP PURPLE specific book, covering all their UK releases from 1968-1982 on Parlophone, Harvest and Purple record labels, coming soon…! There’s also a Volume One Harvest Records 1969-1974 in the pipeline, also due out later this year.

Album launches, gigs and one of the very first Vertigo Swirl launch adverts from November 1969…all recreated in glorious colour and not available anywhere else!

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I’ve launched a stand alone site for the Rare Record Collector books and e-books. Check out the site and you can see more detail on each book’s contents with some examples of the inside spreads.

Check out the site here:

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Vertigo Swirl Part 1 cover Sabbath-PDF-cover Led Zep cover ebook 19-8-15 Purple-cover charisma cover

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The new Vertigo and Black Sabbath books join Led Zeppelin, Purple Records and Charisma on sale and available by clicking the images below. Hard copy and PDF versions available on all titles.

Vertigo Swirl Part 1 cover Sabbath-PDF-cover Led Zep cover ebook 19-8-15 Purple-cover charisma cover

Vertigo Swirl Part 1 cover

The first ‘half’ of UK Vertigo Swirl has now been compiled into a book, detailing all the variations and reissues (known to date) on this most iconic of collectable labels.

It’s available to buy here.

At 212 pages in full colour throughout, you’ll find how to distinguish a first Black Sabbath pressing from a fourth, which of these albums charted and when, how to spot a Gravy Train fake and much, much more.

There’s also a highly detailed account of how and why Olav Wyper started the label in the first place, as well as where the inspiration for the logo came from. There’s also a fascinating account of his ‘run in’ with the legendary Don Arden – not quite as dramatic as the Robert Stigwood incident, but not far off!

It would have been a mammoth book to try and incorporate all 88 swirls (and their reissues and variations) into just one book, as well as rather expensive (the publishers set the print prices and a 500 page book in full colour would cost around £90!), so I decided to break the label up into two Volumes. Volume Two will follow the same format and will complete the story – hopefully in a few months, once I’ve had a break from writing books for a couple of weeks!

I hope you find it useful and informative. I certainly found out some interesting facts whilst writing it. Enjoy!

The fourth Rare Record Collector book is now complete and available! All Black Sabbath’s UK vinyl releases from 1970–1980 are included along with exclusive interviews from Jim Simpson, Sabbath’s first manager and Olav Wyper, the founder of Vertigo Records in 1969. It’s fair to say that without both men believing in Sabbath, there’s a good chance they may never even have been signed…

You can buy the book here (click)


The book is available in print (164pp in glorious colour) and PDF download versions. An ePub (kindle) version will follow in the next few weeks.

Take a look at the original intended covers might have looked for Paranoid, Volume 4 and how Ernie Cefalu (creative director of Pacific Eye And Ear) intended Sabbath Bloody Sabbath to originally look…

You would? Great! The original colour pencil and acrylic artwork for arguably Sabbath’s best album, “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” is for sale by the guy who came up with the concept back in 1973, Pacific Eye & Ears Creative Director/owner Ernie Cefalu.


The stunning front and rear artwork measures a whopping 30″ x 40″ each (that’s probably around 5 times bigger than it appeared on the original sleeve). The colours are different too, Ernie told me that he also designed completely different lettering and that the colours were altered once he’d handed over the artwork for the sleeve to be printed (more of that story and a visual of the original sleeve design in the forthcoming Black Sabbath book!).

I vividly remember being totally captivated by this sleeve, and the subsequent music back when I was about 12 years old: it was my very first introduction to heavy rock/metal music at the time. I was utterly fascinated by the artwork and loved the duality of the evil/good variations on the front and rear covers.

Ernie explains how he came up with the original concept: “My concept for this album was based on two color illustrations that were given to me on my confirmation day in 1955, that I still have to this day. They are from the 1700’s and depict an evil man and a good man both at the split second of their death. When I showed them to Drew and explained the idea – well these pieces speak for themselves.” It was the celebrated artist Drew Struzan who completed the illustrations to Ernie’s brief and concept.


So, if you actually want to own these one-off pieces of legendary and downright awesome artwork to one of the best albums and best album covers from the 1970s…you’ll need deep pockets or a modest win on the lottery! Quite rightly, these pieces are in the ‘fine art’ league and as such, feature breathtaking prices, Ernie wants $100,000 for each original artwork…ask him very nicely and he may offer a (very) small discount if you buy both!

Why so valuable you might ask? Well the main reason is that Drew Struzan is now one of the most collectable artists since the Second World War. It’d be akin to acquiring an original LS Lowry perhaps.

You can contact Ernie Cefalu here.

Oh and he also has over 350 pieces of other iconic original artwork too for Alice Cooper, Aerosmith, Iron Butterfly, Jefferson Airplane, Earth Wind & Fire etc

Some notable fans of Drew Struzan’s work (he’s responsible for some of the most famous movies posters in the last 40 years, including Star Wars, Raiders Of The Lost Ark, ET to name just a tiny few)

“Drew Struzan is the only collectable artist since the second World War.” – George Lucas

“Struzan is my favorite movie poster artist ever.” –  Stephen Spielberg

“Struzan is the greatest poster artist of our time.” – The Boston Globe

Yes, I’ve been neglecting the site updates and posts lately – been busy compiling all the info and writing the forthcoming Black Sabbath Rare Vinyl UK Discography book! In the meantime, the site has now exceeded 1 Million views, so thanks to everyone who’s found this site useful.

Here’s a teaser spread from the forthcoming book


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More updates coming soon. Promise.



(PS – after the Black Sabbath book, what book would you collectors find the most useful? Vertigo Swirl, Harvest? Both of these would be big volumes and would have to probably be done as two editions each…send me your thoughts and we’ll see which is the most popular request!)